Promote economic, fighting disease, education, and technology to eradicate human traficking and poverty
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Seed of Good Hope

Fighting disease, promoting economic solutions, providing education and technology to eradicate human trafficking and poverty

Seed of Good Hope endeavors to eradicate the Trafficking-of-Persons in Vietnam through Outreach, Prevention, Intervention and Community Building services.

We strive to build good communities for the people living in and around the South West provinces of Vietnam and around the lower Mekong River basin. They barely receive enough clean water for their daily needs. Many eat and drink the contaminated water with nowhere else to turn for help. Most of the people in the provinces do not have running water, or electricity.  

We promote human development by responding to the major need of clean water, by educating to fight disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies in Vietnam and its surrounding neighbors.

We first start with outreach to Vietnamese Americans and other non-profits in efforts to try to acquire resources to solidify a baseline of basic infrastructure to the South West provinces of Vietnam. During this process we try to identify the vital needs of the people who live along Mekong river and the South West provinces of Vietnam.

Seed of Good Hope aligns charitable programs with the diverse giving interests of corporations and their employees. We are the gateway to many respected and carefully vetted U.S.-based international charities. Our work is primarily dedicated to relief and development programs in South East Asia and especially in Vietnam.


Seed of Good Hope have successfully acomplished the following projects:


Mekong River Documentation

Mekong River Documentation
Making an official documentation film of the water conditions existing in the Mekong River with Coco Paris. This documentary was filmed in the South West provinces of South Vietnam. 


Fresh Water Project 

Assist in funding of Clean Fresh Water Treatment Plant within the provinces of Vinh Long, Tra Vinh and Dong Thap – Vinh Long Diocese.


Covid-19 Tracking development

Developing a mobile platform where small entities can gather together to contribute ANONYMOUSLY. Users are able to see surrounding people’s health status ON A MAP in real time.



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